‘Focus.’ A program using ALERT and ZONES of REGULATION strategies to help children learn to pay attention, cooperate and enjoy learning at school.



A program for fussy eaters to help them learn how to try new foods and in the process discover other foods they can eat to be healthy and fit in socially.

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Friday Fitness

A gross motor coordination program to encourage fitness and fundamental movements skills for children.
Fridays: 3:15 – 4:15pm (Years 1 – 3) and 4:30 – 5:30pm (Years 4 – 6). Maximum 8 participants.


Gymworks OT

Our innovative 1 hour program combining gross and fine motor development targeting skills that your child needs to develop. Sessions are run either in small groups of four with two highly qualified occupational therapists or individually, to help your child meet their specific goals.


Highway Heroes

A highway hero is a child who:

Socially – knows how to be friendly, makes friends, resolves friendship issues, knows when and how to stick up for themselves.

Emotionally – understands their feelings and the impact on thinking and behaviour, calms down quickly, asks for help when in overwhelm and learns to de-catastrophise patterns of thinking and emoting.

Supports – their learning behaviours through planning and organising their time and resources, persists through tough and boring work requirements, becomes and stays motivated, identifies and avoids distractions.

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Holiday Programs

Designed by an OT, these larger group sessions involve activities targeting skills related to fine motor, gross motor, organisation and problem solving skills. Our sessions are run by OT students and involve 4 x 45 minute activity sessions with 4-6 kids per group.

October School Holiday Program dates. Monday 02nd October- Friday 06th October, 2023

If you would like to receive the email link and you are not currently linked in with our services, please use the ‘Book an Appointment’ feature on our website and enquire about our Holiday Program.

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Our amazing gym is available for hire on Sundays for small groups (maximum 12 children). Includes a party host who can assist with party games in the gym.

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Write well with the Gymworks OT ‘Write On’ writing program.

Gymworks OT has highly trained and experienced therapists working with children in small groups, from school years 1 to 6 and individually once at high school, to develop the range of writing skills required for success at school. Based on the Talk for Writing program developed by Pie Corbett and supported by Julia Strong, but also with a strong emphasis on the mechanics of writing, Gymworks OT makes writing engaging and fun for students.

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